About the Podcast

Finance has come a long way with the advent of the internet. Startups today use metrics that didn’t exist even ten years ago.

It’s hard to keep up.

The Chief Future Officer Podcast has a simple goal. We want to bring out the tools, techniques and learnings from the finance’s smartest.

That said, the best CFOs lead the pack. They adopt technology. They understand core businesses deeply and most importantly see finance as a lever for growth.

The old parable calling the CFO, the CF-No is no longer true. Why? Because we now have operators on board.

At the Chief Future Officer Podcast, we bring together the best minds in finance. We keep it crisp. It’s about maximizing value per-minute and we hope to have you onboard for the journey.

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About the Host

The Chief Future Officer Podcast is hosted by Indus Khaitan, the Chief Savings Officer at Quolum. Indus has previously run a company that was bought by Oracle, and was also head of growth at a Unicorn. Along the way he has created millions in value, and also seen millions of dollars be wasted.

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